Extensible barbell support pillar


  • Inventors: LIU FEIYAN
  • Assignees: 刘飞艳
  • Publication Date: April 03, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-202844455-U


The utility model discloses an extensible barbell support pillar which comprises an outer layer sleeve, wherein a draw-pull bar is arranged in the outer layer sleeve, adjusting holes are respectively formed in the outer layer sleeve and the draw-pull bar, and locating pieces are inserted in the adjusting holes in a penetrating mode. The locating pieces are plug pins or screws. A Y-shaped fork is arranged at the tail end of the draw-pull bar. One of two fork feet on the Y-shaped fork is long, and the other fork foot is short. The extensible barbell support pillar has the advantages of being practical, low in production cost, convenient to use, not prone to deformation, good in rust-proof effect and long in service life, facilitates adjustment of height of a barbell and exercise, and is capable of protecting a barbell lifter from being hurt.




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