Biomass particle fuel cleaning furnace



The utility model relates to a hot-water furnace, in particular to a biomass particle fuel cleaning furnace which applies to staying warmth in villages. The biomass particle fuel cleaning furnace comprises a furnace body and a material feeding device. A combustion chamber inside the furnace body is provided with a combustion barrel in a pull-out type drawer structure, and a plurality of wind holes are formed in the surface of the combustion barrel. A ladder-shaped furnace chamber is formed on the upper portion inside the furnace body, and a water sleeve is correspondingly formed between the furnace chamber and the outer surface of the furnace body. In the furnace body, an annular wind-blowing sleeve is arranged on the upper portion of a material inlet of the furnace body, and the pull-out type drawer structure is applied to the combustion barrel, and therefore residues are convenient to discharge. A primary air hole and a secondary air hole are enough formed in the combustion barrel, and therefore wind supply is achieved layer by layer, oxygen supply is sufficient, combustion is sufficient, and smoke dust emission load is lowered. Besides, the annular wind-blowing sleeve is arranged, and therefore time that smoke and gas reserve inside the combustion chamber is prolonged, combustion is sufficient as well, and smoke dust emission load is lowered. The biomass particle fuel cleaning furnace is high in combustion efficiency, clean in discharge, and beneficial for environment protection.




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