Detachable filter screen



Disclosed is a detachable filter screen. According to the detachable filter screen, a framework is formed by utilizing multiple stainless steel bars to fix an upper stainless circular ring and a lower stainless circular ring. A filter screen with mesh holes is fixedly connected to the framework in a welded mode, wherein the size of each of the mesh hole is 1mm *1mm. A stable circular ring is arranged inside the filter screen. Due to the fact that water passes through a filter from the inner side of the filter screen, the detachable filter screen which is provided with mesh holes is additionally arranged on the inner side of the filter, wherein the density of the mesh hole of the detachable filter screen is 1mm* 1mm, and the density of the filter is lesser than that of an existing filter, so that the filter cannot be blocked, and the filtering effect is improved. After the filtering screen is put into use for a time, a user only needs to take out the detachable filter screen from the filter when the detachable filter screen is needed to be cleaned, and then the user washes the detachable filter screen very conveniently by utilizing water. The detachable filter screen can be widely used as a filter device of a water pump.




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