Elevator with security function


  • Inventors: ZOU KEYIN
  • Assignees: 邹科寅
  • Publication Date: March 27, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-202829173-U


The utility model relate to an elevator with a security function which comprises an exterior portion top substrate (1) and bottom portion substrate (2), a three level guide tube is arranged between the top substrate (1) and the bottom substrate (2), a beam of bearing box (7) is arranged in the middle, a lifting bearing beam (9) is arranged on the top end. The lifting bearing beam is connected to a bottom board of cabin (6) through a compression bar (8). The bottom portion of the compression bar (8) is fixed on a compression bar substrate (4). The guide wheel structure arranged on the top potion is connected with the lifting bearing beam (9), a finger prints recognition system (16) which comprises a scanner and a processor is arranged on the surface of the elevator. The elevator with the security function recognizes whether the finger prints belong to the data storage in the database through the finger prints recognition system arranged on the surface of the elevator, thereby judging and controlling the operation of the elevator and realizing intellectualization of the elevator and applicable to the needs of security.




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