Toy ball for pet



The utility model provides a toy ball for a pet, which comprises a transparent main body with a spherical table structure, at least one small ball and two handles; a hollow cavity is arranged inside the main body, the main body is provided with an upper bottom, a lower bottom and a side surface clamped between the upper bottom and the lower bottom, and the height of the cavity is h; the small ball freely rolls in the cavity of the main body, and the diameter of the small ball is d; and the handles are positioned at the upper bottom and the lower bottom of the main body, and the outer surfaces of the handles and the side surface of the main body share a spherical surface. According to the provided toy ball for the pet, the transparent ball body of the main body is attractive in appearance, has elasticity and can roll and bounce, the small ball capable of rolling is also arranged inside the main body, the big ball is echoed with the small ball so that the interest is increased, and besides, the handles are also arranged on the ball body and convenient for the pet to hold in the mouth or bite.




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