Detector for volatile sulphides in surface seawater and atmosphere



The utility model provides a detector for volatile sulphides in surface seawater and atmosphere. The detector is has a structure that a sample collecting assembly is connected with a gathering and desorbing assembly, the gathering and desorbing assembly is connected with an oxidization detection assembly, and the oxidization detection assembly is connected with a gas circuit conversion assembly and a gas supply system. The detector for volatile sulphides in surface seawater and atmosphere has the characteristics and beneficial effects that the detector has two channels, can detect volatile sulphides in surface seawater and atmosphere at the same time without any chemical agents, does not cause secondary pollution to the environment and water bodies, and is quick and accurate in detection process, good in repeatability, stable and reliable in result and suitable for detecting concentrations of volatile sulphides in various water bodies and in particular suitable for dynamical detection by an ocean research vessel or a scientific research vessel in an underway manner. The detector can detect automatically and monitor in real time for a long time, online and continuously, so that the detector is suitable for being widely applied.




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