Portable phlegm sample collection vessel


  • Inventors: DONG JINLANG
  • Assignees: 董进浪
  • Publication Date: March 20, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-202814750-U


A portable phlegm sample collection vessel belongs to the technical field of medical instruments and comprises a box body, a box cover and a tube groove and is characterized in that a foam cushion is arranged on the inner wall of the box body, an ice bin is arranged between the foam cushion and the tube groove, an ice feeding port is arranged on the upper section of the ice bin, a foam sealing plug is arranged on the ice feeding port, and a serial number plate is arranged at the bottom of the tube groove. The portable phlegm sample collection vessel is simple in structure, convenient to use, capable of avoiding sample deterioration and mixing when phlegm sample collection is conducted and capable of reducing working difficulty of medical workers.




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