Coaxitron for vehicle air-conditioning system



The utility model provides a coaxitron for a vehicle air-conditioning system. The coaxitron comprises a pipe body composed of an inner pipe and an outer pipe, wherein the inner pipe is located in the outer pipe; the space between the inner pipe and the outer pipe is a medium flowing outer cavity; the inner space of the inner pipe is a medium flowing inner cavity; a plurality of heat conduction tanks are distributed on the inner surface of the inner pipe; and a plurality of beads are distributed on the inner surface of the outer pipe. The coaxitron is high in heat exchange efficiency; by using the coaxitron, the engine working power occupied by a refrigerating system can be reduced; fuel and energy resources are saved; exhaust emission is reduced; the space occupied by the system refrigerating pipeline in an engine room can be reduced, and the space reserved for other main components by vehicle manufacturers during vehicle design procedures is increased.




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