Non-skid telescopic sleeve pipe



The utility model discloses a non-skid telescopic sleeve pipe. The non-skid telescopic sleeve pipe comprises two types, namely a non-skid heat-shrinkable sleeve pipe and a non-skid cold-shrinkable sleeve pipe; at least one outward projecting part which projects outwards in the longitudinal direction is arranged on the outer wall surface of the non-skid telescopic sleeve pipe; as the outward projecting part is formed in a longitudinal outward projecting way, a corresponding groove can be formed in an extrusion die of the machine head of an extrusion machine for the sleeve pipe in the manufacturing process, and the outward projecting part which projects outwards in the longitudinal direction can be formed in the extruding process; the outward projecting part can improve the hand feel and achieve the non-skid and decorative effects; and compared with the method of finishing a 'reversed hair' pattern area by a manual licker-in grinding, sanding, sand blasting or hair collecting process, automatic production is achieved, the process is simple, and the labor and time costs are reduced, so that the production cost can be reduced.




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