Computer laser embroidery integrated mixing machine



The utility model relates to a computer laser embroidery integrated mixing machine, which comprises a laser machine and an embroidery machine, wherein the laser machine comprises a girder, a laser cutting device and a laser generator, the girder is provided with a laser transmission hole, a connecting piece is arranged on the rear end of the girder, the connecting piece is provided with the laser transmission hole, the laser generator is connected with the girder through the connecting piece, and the laser cutting device is arranged on the front end of the girder. The computer laser embroidery integrated mixing machine aims at solving the problems in the prior art, mixes laser cutting technology and embroidery technology together, enables cloths to be more beautiful, simultaneously switches to work of a laser head after finishing embroidering, enables process to be more accurate and patterns to be more delicate, enables the cloths to have flowers consisting of a plurality of layers of cloths, and enables the cloths to have more stereoscopic effect.




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