Container capable of recording



The utility model discloses a container capable of recording. The container capable of recording comprises a container body, wherein a base seat is arranged at the bottom of the container body, a loudspeaker and a chip connected with the loudspeaker are mounted in the base seat, a microphone, a photoresistor, a control switch and a plurality of batteries are mounted on the chip, and the chip is further provided with a burner interface. According to the container capable of recording, a burner can be externally connected with the container through the burner interface, or fond music can be burned on the chip through the microphone, and the photoresistor is controlled through turn-on and turn-off of the control switch, and therefore the chip is enabled to sense light and play the music when the music needs playing, and the control switch is turned off when the music does not need playing. Even if the photoresistor can sense the light, the music cannot be played, and therefore the purposes that the play of the music can be controlled automatically, and the music to be played can be set by a user are achieved. The container capable of recording is used in the field of music containers.




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