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US-2012282917-A1: Mobile communication method and exchange patent, US-2012285442-A1: Heat storage device patent, US-2012316726-A1: Data conversion system and method for converting data that is distributed in a vehicle patent, US-2013020889-A1: Rotating electrical machine patent, US-2013046890-A1: Activity-based block management of a clustered file system using client-side block maps patent, US-2013058479-A1: Hierarchical group key management approach based on linear geometry patent, US-2013110005-A1: Point size light illumination in metrology systems for in-situ surgical applications patent, US-2013156401-A1: Disk playback apparatus patent, US-2013166634-A1: Assessment of content delivery services using performance measurements from within an end user client application patent, US-2013170848-A1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-2013188250-A1: Microscope system patent, US-2013190633-A1: Interface Devices, Systems, and Methods for Use With Intravascular Pressure Monitoring Devices patent, US-2013206987-A1: Transmission Electron Microscope patent, US-2013210339-A1: Roof ridge vent system patent, US-2013225359-A1: Variator fault detection system patent, US-2013247507-A1: Roofing method patent, US-2013248170-A1: Methods of stimulating acetoclastic methanogenesis in subterranean deposits of carbonaceous material patent, US-2013277713-A1: As/Sb Compound Semiconductors Grown on Si or Ge Substrate patent, US-2013308122-A1: Device and method for multiparametric measurements of microparticles in a fluid patent, US-2013315192-A1: Method for deciding resource-specific transmission mode in wireless communication system and apparatus for same patent, US-2013320719-A1: Saddle-ride type vehicle patent, US-2013325710-A1: System and method for rule-based presentment and payment of bills or invoices patent, US-2013338283-A1: Treated mineral filler products, process for the preparation thereof and uses of same patent, US-2014006668-A1: Performing Emulated Message Signaled Interrupt Handling patent, US-2014007118-A1: Comparison device, comparison method, non-transitory recording medium, and system patent, US-2014078548-A1: Printing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium patent, US-2014091563-A1: Ball mount holder assembly patent, US-2014123899-A1: Vapor deposition apparatus patent, US-2014137464-A1: Methods and compositions for biodistillate fuels containing tallow esters and having low metals uptake patent, US-2014150011-A1: Content transmission device and content transmission method patent, US-2014162626-A1: Traffic Steering Across Radio Access Technologies And Radio Frequencies Utilizing Cell Broadcast Messages patent, US-2014187212-A1: Ringtone processing method and apparatus patent, US-2014192161-A1: Three-dimensional reconstruction of a millimeter-wave scene by optical up-conversion and cross-correlation detection patent, US-2014195865-A1: Monitoring apparatus, monitoring method, and storage medium patent, US-2014198637-A1: Handling User Plane Congestion patent, US-2014202673-A1: Heat exchanger patent, US-2014236892-A1: Systems and methods for virtual machine backup process by examining file system journal records patent, US-2014247954-A1: Entrained Microphones patent, US-2014260827-A1: Self-adjustable wrench patent, US-2014278679-A1: Systems and methods for broadcasting appointment availabilities patent, US-2014330256-A1: Implantable Device for Manipulating Immune Cells patent, US-2014342818-A1: Attributing User Action Based On Biometric Identity patent, US-2014345192-A1: Methods for reducing heavy oil viscosity patent, US-2014350837-A1: Method for an automatic intervention into an ego vehicle when traveling erroneously, in particular when traveling the wrong way patent, US-2014365026-A1: Signature generating apparatus, signature generating method, computer program product, and electrical power consumption calculation system patent, US-2015032158-A1: Percutaneous Pedicle Screw Revision System patent, US-2015040784-A1: Proof printing press patent, US-2015067806-A1: Authentication device, and non-transitory computer-readable device storing authentication program patent, US-2015072631-A1: Amplifier and amplification method patent, US-2015088802-A1: Method of determining short term driving tendency and system of controlling shift using the same patent, US-2015159130-A1: Salt formulations for the fermentation of marine microorganisms patent, US-2015161867-A1: Smart Device Safety Mechanism patent, US-2010170620-A1: Prepregs for use in building lay-ups of composite materials and processes for their preparation patent, US-2010196184-A1: Scroll compressor with back pressure pocket receiving discharge pressure fluid patent, US-2010204654-A1: Catheter introducer patent, US-2010272016-A1: Method for supporting transport network independent ip mobility in mobile terminal and system thereof patent, US-2010279847-A1: Semiconductor ceramic composition patent, US-2010295235-A1: Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the same patent, US-2010295907-A1: Supply Item for Laser Printer including Keying Structure patent, US-2010297878-A1: Cable connector having improved gounding means patent, US-2010301874-A1: Corrective device protection patent, US-2011013899-A1: Focus control circuit for adjusting the focus by moving a lens patent, US-2011031722-A1: Airbag patent, US-2011087609-A1: System and Method for Providing a Value Returned Home Service Contract patent, US-2011102952-A1: Method for production of an oscillating signal and of an electrical protection device or measurement instrument having an oscillation identification device patent, US-2011174132-A1: Cutting wheel for glass substrate patent, US-2011249898-A1: Handwriting recognition device having an externally defined input area patent, US-2011263201-A1: Method and Apparatus for Providing Files To Electronic Devices patent, US-2011270771-A1: System and method for a flexible management of the escalation of support for devices patent, US-2012004731-A1: Deployable segmented tlif device patent, US-2012010013-A1: Swing assistant device patent, US-2012025086-A1: Radiation detection device patent, US-2012041659-A1: Independent trailer sway controller patent, US-2012050195-A1: On-cell tsp display device patent, US-2012085799-A1: Clothing hanger device for vehicle deck lid patent, US-2012096933-A1: Sensor with g-load absorbing shoulder patent, US-2012150213-A1: Medical compression device patent, US-2012191624-A1: System for providing media management, chain of title, and data integrity patent, US-2012199731-A1: Recording medium and infrared reading method patent, US-2012234945-A1: Multiple level showerhead design patent, US-2012257625-A1: Method and apparatus for processing a multicast packet patent, US-2012274322-A1: Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus patent, US-2012307468-A1: Electronic apparatus patent, US-2012331084-A1: Method and System for Operation of Memory System Having Multiple Storage Devices patent, US-2013030560-A1: Apparatus and Method for Reducing Energy Use in Industrial Processes patent, US-2013033668-A1: Pva pixel electrode and liquid crystal display apparatus using the same patent, US-2013060710-A1: System, Method and Apparatus for Managing and Conducting Property Inspections patent, US-2013064531-A1: Zoom flash with no moving parts patent, US-2013089259-A1: Space segmentation method for 3d point clouds patent, US-2013097594-A1: System and method for validating download or configuration assignment for an egm or egm collection patent, US-2013119111-A1: Ribbon bonding tools and methods of using the same patent, US-2013121302-A1: Method and device for transmitting control information patent, US-2013123896-A1: External steerable fiber for use in endoluminal deployment of expandable devices patent, US-2007036774-A1: Liver engrafting cells, assays, and uses thereof patent, US-2013125892-A1: Servo ventilation using pressure drop from baseline patent, US-2013132685-A1: Memory controller and memory device command protocol patent, US-2013135118-A1: Parking meter expired alert patent, US-2013158656-A1: Apparatus for endovascularly replacing a heart valve patent, US-2013190934-A1: Method and apparatus for controlling irrigation patent, US-2013212003-A1: Mobile money order patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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